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Sid Srinivas DevBlog

A warm welcome

You're most likely unaware of my past tech blog hosted on Wordpress, and it's worth knowing that I've taken a huge sabbatical from blogging as a pastime ever since, thanks to my new-found inclination towards contributing to open-source, and even pursuing online course instruction for budding OSS contributors on Udemy.

My areas of interest have changed dramatically ever since, from Algorithms, Parallel Computing, and Design Patterns to Cloud, Mobile, and Web Security. I'd attribute this to my experience obtained from working for close to 3 years in McAfee, the Cybersecurity Company. I've used Wordpress all this while for my dev related blogs, however this was at a time where platforms like Medium, and Hashnode didn't exist, and for certain personal preferences (as listed on this blog post), I've decided to go with Hashnode. Do expect me to continue on my devblogging streak very soon!

Make it work, make it right, make it fast.

- Kent Beck

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